Weekend misery!

Well I managed to get through another weekend completely alcohol and smoke free but I’m not sure how much longer I can resist going to the pub. It’s insane how much this is all worrying me now. I’m not sure if I’m still withdrawing from nicotine hence all the anxiety or if it’s this complete life change and the fear of the unknown. I’m now approaching the three week mark of not smoking or drinking. I didn’t realize just how vacuous my life is without two of the most unhealthy vices in my routine.

My colleagues at work have dreamed up some spoof award to give me for abstaining from alcohol. No award or commendation for not smoking, it’s the not drinking thing they can’t understand. When asked what I did at the weekend instead of going straight down the pub to spend three increasingly incoherent hours explaining what ‘Brexit’ means for the average Cornishman, I told them I went straight home to spend time with my family. I then faced the horrors of Saturday night television without the help of vodka, followed by a sprawling, epic Sunday brooding on the week ahead.

I got some really funny looks from people who I usually have very little to do with like everyone in the office! One colleague remarked “My granddad took part in D-Day and said the word ‘hero’ was used too much, but I think even he would acknowledge this level of raw courage.”

I think he was taking the piss.




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