Nine days in and I buckled!

Nine days in and I gave in, not to smoking or drinking but to nicotine gum and some other fancy gadgets! I was having the weekend from hell. I declined to go down the pub as drinking goes hand in hand with smoking. There was nothing else for it, I had to go to the chemist and buy some nicotine replacement gear. I got gum, patches and two types of spray one of which you stick up your nose and wow was it expensive!

Anyway, I’m going to the stop smoking service as they will prescribe me this stuff rather than having to take out a payday loan to cover the costs. I’m pretty sure I spent what I saved last week on chewing gum, patches and spray etc and I’m using that up pretty damn quick. My morning routine now is rather than get out of bed and have a fag on the toilet, I reach for the spray which gives me a pretty instant hit then it’s some nicotine chewing gum for breakfast which I munch on in the shower. I guess that’s one great thing about giving up smoking, you can get your nicotine fix in the shower! Winning!

The weekend was tough but I made it. Having refused to go down the boozer I was left with a clear head on Saturday morning. This is quite a novelty for me and the extra time I had on my hands was unexpected. I even opted to walk to the shops for my nicotine stuff and wow my head was spinning, I thought I was going to pass out. The pharmacist reassured me that this was also a side effect of quitting and not a brain aneurysm and I didn’t need the air ambulance.

I even went shopping for boring stuff, normally the wife does all that online these days. I never realized just how much time could be spent in a supermarket when you have no intention of buying anything much. My wife asked why I took so long and only returned with a loaf of bread, some crisps and a bulk bag of tangfastics. I explained that I spent an hour in the wine aisle looking at the back of bottles in a desperate attempt to look sophisticated. I read a load of complete nonsense about woody undertones that made me feel both strangely inadequate and incredibly irritated. She looked at the family multi-pack of monster munch I had bought and laughed.


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