Happy sandwiches.

Well for me January is starting to look bleaker than usual as I contend with day 6 of my smoke free existence. I always find January to be a particularly difficult time of year. There’s a post Christmas and New Year celebration depression that sets in which seems to be shared by everyone except the unreasonably cheerful sandwich lady who visits us at work everyday. I’m pretty sure her unexplained chirpy outlook on life is merely a cheap gimmick to get me to buy one of her sandwiches. Maybe after buying one of her sandwiches my problems will suddenly evaporate and I will become irrationally pleasant to everyone. Anyway, I’m beginning to wonder who the hell thought that New Year Resolutions were a good idea at a time when there’s a considerable dip in peoples moods, the weather is crap coupled with a return to the dreary routine of work. It must have been some jobless clown somewhere in the southern hemisphere. Makes sense.

I have also decided that to make my quit smoking challenge a little less challenging I will be giving up drinking for January. Whenever I drink my self-control is non-existent and any sensible behavior and inhibitions go out the window. I become somewhat profane and ignorant with an ‘I don’t give a monkeys attitude’. Subsequently I find myself chain smoking like it’s my last day on earth. Paradoxically this is just going to cause me even greater stress! When asked if I was going down the pub later by a close friend who I always drink with I replied that I’m doing the ‘Dryathlon – Dry January challenge’. He called me something I can’t repeat online and accused me of putting my long-term health concerns ahead of my mates. He has a point.

This is how my life feels right now….a bleak wasteland with little to alleviate my frustrations….maybe I will try one of those ‘happy’ sandwiches, whats the worst that could happen?



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