A pleasant surprise.

Well, after much deliberation and procrastination I finally got my lazy backside off to the quit smoking adviser. I was really very apprehensive about attending the appointment as I didn’t know what to expect. I guess it was the ‘not knowing’ that was putting me off. Meeting a stranger and discussing a personal issue I was having difficulty with was kind of scary.

Far from it being a scary experience it was really very reassuring and worthwhile. The adviser I met was extremely knowledgeable with a non-judgmental bedside manner. He gave me some interesting facts about stopping smoking and probably the most interesting statistic he gave me was that quitting in isolation without any support is really very difficult. This is probably where I had been going wrong for so long. Something like four times as many people quit smoking with some kind of support or nicotine replacement therapy.

I’m never one to completely accept what people tell me, my stubbornness has probably been why I’ve left it so long to seek any help. But I’ve looked into various sources and details concerning quitting smoking and it seems he was genuine. He also suggested the medication Champix which like any drug may have side effects and he left it with me to decide whether or not I should give it a try. I liked the way he wasn’t pushy and was extremely understanding. I got the impression he may have had to give up himself in the past as it seemed like I was talking to a clone of myself at times.

So I’ve got my quit smoking date, I’ve made another appointment to see the quit smoking guy on Friday where I may decide to start the quit smoking medication or nicotine replacement therapy, and I have actually cut down anyway without too many bad side effects. I just feel a bit edgy as New Years Day is fast approaching. Needless to say Christmas involved a steady flow of alcohol and celebrations and ‘socializing’ where I was probably one of the least sociable on account of having to nip out for a fag every other hour or so. Hopefully next Christmas will be different. In fact my whole life will be.



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