Quitting with support.

I think one of the reasons I haven’t managed to successfully quit smoking in the past is because I’ve always gone at it alone. It can be a very lonely experience trying to quit smoking. In the past I’ve felt isolated and confused, angry and distraught. Unfortunately the people closest to me get the brunt of this. It is something that is worrying me as my quit smoking date is fast approaching.

I’ve decided this time I’m pulling out all the stops and I’ll be visiting the local quit smoking service. They run drop-ins and groups which are free. This is something I’ve never considered before but I am definitely going to try it. I will stop at nothing now to finally quit. This has gone on for far too long and the potential consequences if I continue to smoke are too great to ignore.

Several people have told me that I will need some kind of plan which is something I’ve never considered. I’ve just jumped in feet first and hoped for the best without any thought as to what I should be doing to keep smoke free. Hopefully the quit smoking service will have a few tips or ideas that I may have overlooked.

Has any one out there had experience of these quit smoking support groups? Apparently my local surgery offers a stop smoking support group and they also have a smoking cessation adviser so maybe registering with them will provide me with someone to be accountable to as well as someone to call on for support. I’m not letting pride get in the way of my quitting this time. It’s no easy task to give up smoking and anyone who says it is can come and visit me in a couple of weeks time. By then I should be either moderately unhinged or even full-on psychotic!


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