My Quit-Smoking Journey

Well I’ve decided I’m quitting smoking…again.  It’s possibly the easiest thing in the world to think about quitting. I’ve thought about it effortlessly for a number of years now. Actually quitting is a another story. This blog is intended to provide me with a constructive distraction – an activity which I hope will benefit myself and hopefully others. I’ve never ‘blogged’ before but I have tried to quit smoking on my own several times without success. I have been a smoker for all my adult (and teenage) life and it’s something I’ve wanted to quit for a number of years. It really does bother me and it also bothers my wife and children. It even bothers people at work! Being one of the few smokers left at the workplace I often get disapproving looks when I sneak off for a fag break.

I have difficulty with moderate physical tasks often becoming breathless and tired. I quite possibly need to look at other areas of my life like my drinking habits and my diet but I really feel that smoking is the major change I need to address first. It’s going to be tough. I’ve looked at all sorts of statistics and they don’t exactly fill me with confidence however, with the right support and advice I’m sure I can do it. Other people have and it’s changed their lives for the better so why should I be any different?

Please follow and comment especially if you have a story involving quitting. I will be updating this blog a couple of times a week. Any comments or support will be greatly appreciated. I tend to say it how it is and I like to be honest. I think honesty is the key when addressing any negative behavior or addiction.


2 thoughts on “My Quit-Smoking Journey

  1. When I quit, I didn’t try to do anything else right. I let myself have whatever I wanted except a smoke. When I’d have a craving, I’d say, “Maybe it’s time for a Snickers bar.” I gained weight, but the weight went away by itself in a few weeks.

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