Giving up…..everything?!?!?!

Well it’s nearly Christmas and already the build up to it is providing excellent ‘camouflage’ for people like me who are pretty much drunk all year round. I welcome the way Christmas makes it socially acceptable to drink excessively at unusual times of the day. At work I can get wasted every lunchtime because people keep going to the pub for an afternoon ‘Christmas drink’. However, drinking presents unique challenges for someone who is trying, or will be trying to give up smoking in the New Year.


A large part of my social life revolves around the dubious social dynamics of the ‘local boozer’. The pub is a hub of lively debate on random topics that we all know very little about such as ‘Brexit’ or what species would win in a fight between a badger and a mongoose. In all honesty I know and care very little about any of the typical half-cut pub trivia. What I am concerned about is how I take reasonable steps to maintain abstinence from smoking when I know that a few beers and a pointless confab with one of the locals will set me up for a fag in the freezing cold!

I need a strategy! I doubt anyone will care if I never go down the pub again, in fact many people will welcome the idea! This giving up smoking is actually looking more life changing than I initially imagined… had better be worth it!


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