I’ve often thought about quitting gradually. But that to me says I’m not really ready to quit. I know that if I am still in the throws and grip of addiction that as soon as I get down the boozer and get slightly oiled, I’m going to hit the fags with a big stick! I would just be kidding myself.

Many people have said to me that the only way to quit is just to stop and that means cold turkey. Well I’ve started to cut down anyway just to see how I feel. I am still aiming to give up completely come New Years Day so I guess this is sort of a dress rehearsal to see what sort of physical reactions and cravings I get.

I didn’t smoke till after I had breakfast and got ready and I managed not to have the fag in the car on the way to work.


I aim to schedule my fag breaks one every two hours instead of the usual one every hour or so depending on my workload. If my workload is heavy I tend to smoke more as I feel stressed which of course is extremely counter productive. Not to mention all the looks and raised eyebrows I always seem to get when I slope off for a quick smoke. There are only two of us in the office now who smoke.

We are quite literally a dying breed! I bet James Dean never had this problem!


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