It’s that time of year…again!

Ahhhh! the ‘voices’ they’ve started early this year and they’re not just ‘in my head’. Well in truth they’ve been around for a long time, actually they never go away! But they seem to get louder this time of year. They keep telling me “it’s time to quit…for good!” It’s on the radio, the TV and all over social media, it’s relentless.

Maybe this is an indication that I really need to do it this time! It’s not made any easier as it’s a popular talking point among friends – “what are your New Year Resolutions?” I don’t even bother to tell my friends I’m giving up smoking – they’re bored of that one, so I just make something up, something I’ve never had a problem with. I’ve said it so many times it’s just embarrassing!

But this time…this time it’s different (I think). I’m not getting any younger and I’m starting to feel the negative effects of just a few quick fags, well a few sometimes but it depends on circumstances. I don’t even know how much a moderate smoker smokes or indeed if I fall into that category, I always said I was a ‘social smoker’ but that’s nonsense really. All I know is I’m ready for a life changing challenge….or a train crash!!! 😩

I have all the tips, I’ve seen all the graphically disturbing images (yawn) and I’ve heard all the jokes (groan)…all I need now is…well it’s like this….in the past my New Year contract with myself to give up smoking had a conditional list of sub-clauses. (N.B. anyone of these conditions could happen, are happening and indeed have happened or maybe are about to happen or maybe they did happen and now I’m reliving that ‘happening’. Oh and this list of sub-clauses is by no means exhaustive).

The section of ‘understandable exceptions’ include and are not limited to – smoking when stressed, smoking while drinking, smoking when the missus is giving me shit, smoking after seeing someone on the television smoking, smoking after eating and the list goes on.  Also just having what is technically known as the ‘odd fag’. Oh, and smoking while driving. That’s more of a personal thing but it helps me focus, otherwise I would probably crash! I am taking this quitting smoking thing seriously but determination must be tempered with reasonableness!

Well…maybe my approach to this ‘giving up smoking’ thing needs to be looked at…we’ll come back to it later; meanwhile I’m off for a umm quick fag! This blogging about giving up smoking is quite stressful! Countdown to NYE….22 1/2 days or thereabouts…


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